Government of Haryana on 8th June 2021 notified Energy Conservation Scheme to identify areas where excess energy consumption or wastage of energy is taking place.

To Conserve Energy actual energy consumption of various electrical gadgets used in the premises is measured and then compared with an estimated minimum energy required to complete the process. Once these steps are completed technically and economically feasible means to achieve the are suggested s to optimize the energy consumption leading to energy saving and cutting down electricity bills.

Quantum of Assistance
For Energy Audit
75% reimbursement or maximum of INR 2 Lakhs for conducting Energy Audit.

Capital Equipment for Implementation of Energy Audit
Assistance provided for Capital equipment required for undertaking measures to conserve energy
50% in ‘D’ category blocks,
40% in ‘C’ category blocks
30% in ‘B’ category blocks
20% in ‘A’ category blocks INR 20 lakhs
Once in every 5 years.

No subsidy for energy audit shall be provided in case energy audit recommendations are not implemented.

Commencement and Applicability
MSMEs which have undertaken energy audit and purchased equipment(s) on or after 01.01.2021 and before 31.12.2025 shall be eligible under this scheme.

Time Limit to apply
An enterprise must apply for the reimbursement of the expenses incurred in conducting the energy audit/compliance complete in all respects within three months from the date of completion of energy audit/purchase of capital equipment whichever is later.