Government of Haryana  has notified Electricity Duty Exemption  in pursuance of Haryana Enterprises & Employment Policy-2020 notified in Gazette vide No.25/05/2020-4IB-I dated 29.12.2020 for all NEW MICRO, SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, MEGA UNITS UNITS

Large Units
 100% exemption for 10 years in D category blocks, 7 years in C category blocks and 5 years in B category blocks.

Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises other than Thrust sectors
100% exemption for 
  • 12 years in D category blocks 
  • 10 years in C category blocks
  • 7 years in B category blocks

Thrust Sector Enterprises: 
100% exemption for 20 years in D  category blocks
15 years in C  category blocks
10 years in B category blocks

Application for the grant of electricity duty exemption, along with documents would be submitted to the Director/ Director General, MSME on the web portal of the department.
The application would be processed and examined by the Joint Director/Deputy Director, District Industries Centre/ District MSME Centre and he will be responsible for scrutiny. After scrutiny he shall clearly recommend for approval/rejection of the claim after conducting inspection of the unit. 

In case there are any deficiencies, they would be communicated to the applicant on-line within a period of 7 days and the applicant would be given a time period of 10 days to rectify the deficiencies so pointedout.

However if the deficiencies are not removed within prescribed period, the claim shall be filed by the Competent Authority, under intimation to the party through e-mail. The enterprise shall not be required to submit any additional document other than those specified under Annexure-Iunless required for establishing genuineness of the claim.

Condonation of delay in submission of claims:
The Joint Director/ Deputy Director, District Industries Centre/ District MSME Centre are competent authority to condone the delay.